9 Tea's


Creation of a fictional beverage brand including logo design, 3D modeling and mockup


Spring Term 2023 at Syracuse University


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dimension, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Procreate


We live in a time of nostalgia. We all look back to the good old days in these turbulent times. Series like Stranger Things bring the eighties back to our screens and enjoy extreme popularity. The music industry is also celebrating comebacks, with the techno scene flourishing as it did last in the nineties. The scene is characterized by a lot of tolerence, openness and creativity. Colorful, loud colors paired with many creative stage designs are in the DNA of the movement.

This is exactly the trend I want to push with my product. My drink „9Teas“ is characterized by a very bright, colorful and thus inviting product design. The refreshing iced tea is alcohol-free and does not contain any artificial flavors or high sugar additives. The drink is designed to be found in the refrigerated section of any supermarket, but will also be offered in clubs and bars as a popular alternative to alcoholic beverages.


For my design of the cans, I was inspired by geometric shapes and colors that are typical of the nineties – shapes are reminiscent of video games like Tetris, and the colors are bright and remind of colorful sports pants. For the logo, I used the typeface „Grenadine MVP“, as it communicates the core of my brand well with its cheeky and slightly playful character. I tried to avoid using too many typefaces, as there is a lot going on in my designs anyway. Each flavor, there are four different ones in total, comes with individual color and design elements. While „Minty Mullet“ is characterized by a somewhat restrained mint tone, „Miami Mango“ directly catches the eye with its bright green and pink. I put great emphasis on the fact that the colors complement each other and help to build a brand awarenes.


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