Print design of a fictional magazine as part of a study project


Fall Term 2022 at Syracuse University


Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Procreate


At its core, my magazine is about our oceans and the marine wildlife. I want to take my readers into the world beneath the surface of the water and entertain them with exciting stories, guest features and illustrations about life under the sea. With the name „Sea You“ I would like to cover topics that lead to people developing a better understanding of the creatures in the sea and learning new things about them.

However, the task of „Sea You“ is also to speak out unpleasant truths and to educate readers about the critical state of the world‘s oceans and climate – in doing so, I focus on targeted education with targeted measures to achieve a change in society. However, it is also important to mention that I aim to achieve a certain balance between information, entertainment, and education at all times – I don‘t want my readers to lose confidence that we as humans can make a change.

In my first issue, which will be published in November 2022, I will cover, among other things, „The Secrets of Whales“ and I will inform about the waste problem in our oceans. As an alternative story form, I decided to visualize statistics that show the percentage of the most widespread waste materials that pollute the world‘s oceans. I did this using a pie chart accompanied by various text elements and images.


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