Spacial UI


Concept and digital design for a fictional augmented reality application as part of a study project


Spring Term 2023 at Syracuse University


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects


I gave my app, which I designed as part of the Spacial UI project, the name „ClassFindAR“. I thought this name was really suitable for a number of reasons. „ClassFind“ first refers to the app’s feature of allowing users to find rooms and events. „AR“ refers to the use of augmented reality, which provides visual assistance in finding the desired destination when used. However, the name of the app can also be understood as a play on words, as „ClassFindAR“ sounds like „Class Finder“ when pronounced.


I used Adobe After Effects to render my design elements in augmented reality in my final video. Here I simulated a real user flow with interactions using the app „ClassFindAR“. In this case, the user wants to get to a lecture hall because a panel discussion is taking place there. He is standing in front of the entrance of the Newhouse building, but does not know the way to his room. He sees a poster of the „ClassFindAR“ app and downloads the app to his smartphone. Opening the app, he is guided step-by-step to start navigating to his desired destination. In doing so, he must grant access to the camera in order for the app to be available in full functionality. After the user has calibrated the camera by moving the smartphone back and forth, the navigation can finally start. On the way, blue arrows appear on the floor to show him the correct way. Large, colorful arrows on the walls assist in not losing orientation on turns and ensure that users are walking in the right direction. The app also reminds users to be aware of their surroundings so as not to injure themselves or others. Users get a notification when they arrive at their destination and can rate their user experience on the spot. This is important to gradually make the app more and more user-friendly and accessible.


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